Contract Research & Consulting

Nex Farm is a leading private agricultural research company in India. The company offers independent research, commercialization and technical services to private, corporate and multinational clients.
Nex Farm works closely with commercial growers and agricultural industries to identify commercialization opportunities for multinational companies.
Nex farm's team comprising of agricultural scientists, commercial growers and business experts allow it to deliver high quality services at competitive prices for research needs of its clients.

  • Market assessment and entry strategy
    • Which states to enter
    • Requirements
    • How to enter
    • Competing products in the market
    • Identifying partners

  • Importation clearance requirements
    • What rules govern
    • How to go about getting clearance

  • No-objection certificates from relevant agricultural organizations in different states
    • Field trials
    • Identification of farmers
    • Conducting trials
    • Gathering data
    • Photographs, videos, marketing paraphernalia