Products For Farmers

Nex Farm Market and sell the following product lines.
Nex Farm Products India Private Limited market and sell Stoller, USA products sourced under an exclusive participatory distribution relationship for Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal. Products are sold with the Nex Farm logo under prominent display on the label. Bulk products are re-packaged before distributing in the market

Nex Farm has obtained several government clearances to be able to conduct business in India. Example documents include :

 -> NOC from Central Insecticide Board.  -> Approval for re-packaging insecticides.  -> Sale permissions in several states.

Current products sourced from Stoller USA and distributed include :

Primary Focus - Stoller products (imported from USA).

  • Bioforge
  • Nitroplus
  • White Label Zinc
  • Sugarmover
  • Root Feed
  • Field Crop Mix
  • Fruit Power
  • Flower Power
  • Rice Mix
  • Power Plus
  • THIS (CIB approved, nutritional / pesticide product)

Other products from Stoller and other manufacturers are under extensive testing before launch

  • Select pesticides
  • Bio-based products (Humic acid, Amino acids, etc.)