About the Nex Farm Products

Company Profile

Founded in 2009 by well educated entrepreneurs with education and working experience in the US and Middle East. The current issues in growing crops are the nutrition management. Farmers are unaware how to feed plant with balanced nutrition except application of some important nutrients. Plant nutrition is essential for producing healthy and sufficient food for world's ever growing population. Moreover, intensive agriculture needs high loads of plant nutrients and pesticides. High usage of plant protection chemicals leads to problems in both food and environment qualities. Uncontrolled use of various chemicals for higher yields creating productivity problems in recent years on various crops.

Besides plant nutrients, hormones and other growth co-factors plays major role in developing plant immunity against pests and diseases and attaining the potential yield levels. Hence, Nexfarm deals with the plant performance products which unleash the power of plants related to its genetic potential to mitigate unfavorable weather conditions during crop growing period and achieving higher yield level with high quality products.

Nexfarm conducts field trials to evaluate the products for their performance at field to ensure the consumers true value for their money. We offer complete range of foliar as well as soil applied plant performance products focusing our need on importance of Sustainability in plant.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of rural and urban farmers in India through innovative plant nutrition and therapeutic technologies.

Our Vision

To become the leading introducer of innovative plant nutrition and therapeutic products to rural and urban farmers in India.

Operating Principles

Develop and distribute well proven, quality products.
Introduce new technologies and products.
Provide un-matched customer service levels.
Follow global, best-in-class supply practices.